Very personal home living - A concept signed by Alessandro Agrati

Tea Club

Teaclub was born far in time and represents the consecration of the artistic path that Alessandro Agrati - precursor of a revolutionary concept in the way of experiencing spaces and objects - has traced for over 30 years at the service of the changing concept of lifestyle: inventing new ways of inhabiting spaces privileged, in the name of the culture of bien vivre and the most authentic welcome.

Living well and in contact with beauty has led Alessandro Agrati to explore new territories in the field of interior scenography, in search of a simple and whispered but constantly moving luxury.

Interpreted exclusively in the Dazio di Levante of the Arco della Pace on the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2023, Teaclub follows a path punctuated by precise moments. All the senses are stimulated by research into the material: the textures of the fabrics, the brass signals and the contours of the ebony are sublimated by the fragrance selected ad hoc by Culti Milano.

Thus was born a new design collection that combines Italian textile manufacturing excellence with the highest Chinese cabinetmaking tradition. A dialogue between millenary cultures orchestrated by an Italian artistic direction.